Confidence is the new sexy


Your Boudoir session includes:


5 Retouched High Resolution Digital Images of your choice via email.

Sessions are 1.5 hour long at our home in Chippewa Lake. 

I encourage you to bring as many wardrobe options with you as you wish to use during your session.

Please note, wardrobe changes offer great variety but do cut into shooting time.

Any props, special items etc. that you wish to incorporate into your session are welcome and encouraged. 


Additional print options available and sold separately. (See below for add ons)

Copyright / Print Release included 


(Monday-Friday: $220.00)

(Saturday/Sundays: $270.00)


Please note: Hair and Make up is not included in Boudoir Sessions with MRP. I have a few wonderful gals I can suggest working with if this is something you'd like to have done for your session, however at this time it is not included. 


Please note: turnaround time for Boudoir Sessions is at least (two) weeks turnaround time due to the nature, time and care that goes into providing you the best images I can offer.


Prepping for your Boudoir Session:

  • Visualize the look you're going for. Whether it's a sexy sports theme for hubby in his favorite jersey and sports gear or you prefer classy, with a little lace and sophistication. The BEAUTY of Boudoir is it's all about celebrating YOU and embracing exactly who you are! Are you a barefoot gal like myself, or do you wish to accentuate your long legs with your favorite pair of heels? Visualize the look you'd like to achieve. We suggest flipping through some of your favorite fashion magazines or creating an inspiration board on Pinterest and sharing it with us so we can bounce ideas between each other to better prepare for your session.  

  • Shop your closet! Ladies, some of the prettiest, sexiest things your husband probably loves on you is a pair of knee highs and his T-shirt! Think outside the box! 🙂 Barely there lingerie can be extremely sexy, but please remember a tight T-shirt, over-sized button down or soft sweater can just as sexy! What are you most comfortable in? Embrace YOU and what best compliments your personality! 

  • Don't be afraid to reach out to a fashion-savvy girlfriend for some wardrobe suggestions or a fun shopping trip for some new sexy items for your session. Who doesn't love a girls day to the mall?! Upon your search, keep an eye out for items that not only flatter your figure, but something you're comfortable in, fits you well and that you feel confident and beautiful in. If you're nervous buying your new outfit, you're probably going to feel nervous wearing it during your session too. Buy what says "DAMN!" when you turn around in the mirror in your dressing room.  

  • Consider incorporating something meaningful to your significant other as a great way to personalize your shoot.  A great example of this would be a husband who loves sports, by including his favorite jersey. Another great example would be including a game controller for the gamer hubbies out there or maybe your husband wears a suit to work and you might want to go with lingerie that plays a sexy secretary that might totally catch him off guard when flipping through your images. 


Embrace your bea-YOU-ty with these tips 5 days before your session: 

  • If you're planning a major hair change, give yourself a few days to make sure you're happy with your new do before your session! 

  • Mani's and pedi's are always a great way to spoil yourself since we both know you deserve it AND your nails will look flawless for your shoot! Win-win right?! 

  • Tanning always gives us ladies a super sexy beach-ready glow but please know if you overdo it, I can't undo sunburn and red, blotchy skin.  

  • Drinking plenty of water pre-shoot makes our skin glow! 

  • Consciously monitor sodium and alcohol intake pre-shoot as it always has a funny way of making us ladies retain water. 


The day before your Boudoir session: 

  • Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!  

  • Enjoy a relaxed quite evening if possible. One, because you deserve it right?! Two, if you come to your session stressed, you won't get the same experience as you would if we just focused on how beautiful you are! Stress certainly shows in images!  

  • Remove all price tags, care labels, etc. from wardrobe you know you will for SURE be wearing during your session. If there's items you're not sure of, feel free to leave tags on until your session. Tags, labels etc. (lingerie especially...) can totally ruin an otherwise great photograph of you. 

  • Double check everything is packed and ready for your shoot. Lotion, jewelry, heels, props, wardrobe, etc.   

  • Plan for a good night's sleep the night before your session and allow yourself plenty of travel time without stressing.  


The day you've been waiting for! 

  • Plan to arrive in loose-fitting clothing to avoid red marks on any skin that might be exposed. Please consider wearing clear deodorant so it's not going to show on your outfits or risk it being clumpy if your armpit might be exposed.  

  • Eat something light that won't bloat or retain water during your session. 

  • MOST IMPORTANTLY: Take a HUGE DEEP BREATH! Your Boudoir session is about to be the least stressful, personal celebration of happy dances that you'll do for yourself this year! There is NO right or wrong posing/wardrobe/etc. This is YOUR session, YOUR opportunity to let your personality shine, your confidence glow and to celebrate being your OWN kind of bea(U)tiful! It is TOTALLY normal to feel a bit nervous preparing and arriving for your session. Don't let it stop you from booking a session that could totally change how you feel about being feminine and confident. Let's DO THIS ladies! XO 

Due to COVID19, I am currently not booking any Boudoir sessions unless they are outdoors.

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