The "Just Say It" Project

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If you could change the world, would you?

If you could be someone's hero, would you?

If you could use what God gave you, would you run with it in hopes of healing others?

I can't change the world alone, I need you!

Have you ever felt less than? Felt hopeless when life has knocked you to your knees? Have you ever felt judged, bullied or out of place for who you are? 

If I vow to stand for what I believe in and inspire others to embrace their inner strengths and individuality, would you join me? I'm asking you to strip away the "norm," strip away your fears of judgement and share with the world your raw thoughts and feelings. 


I'm asking you to go outside your comfort zone. Tell the world what you fear, something you deeply regret, your darkest secret you might want to get off your chest or something you deeply stand for or believe in. Or, maybe you wish to stand for someone you love and care for that might not have the courage to say it themselves. 


I need you to stand against the world with me and 



To be a part of my project, please email me at

and send me a brief description of what you'd like to say.

PLEASE know: there is no right or wrong answer. These images are 100% raw emotions of what real people like you and myself feel.

Please help me, help others.


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