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Some of you might not know this, but to be completely transparent I have a phobia of germs.

Who knows why, but it's something I've struggled with my entire life.

The upside of that for you? I clean EVERYTHING, ALWAYS. So that's a win- win for all of us right? 

I have been closely monitoring the Governors updates about the virus and as how to safely approach working with my clients. 

Your safety, as well as my families safety are the utmost importance to me. 

How I can protect you:

I will be wearing a mask during ALL outdoor sessions. During this time, no additional family members or friends will be permitted to tag along to your session that are not being photographed unless client is under 18 and must be immediate family. Anyone not being photographed must wear a mask during session unless medical reasons exempt you. I have extra disposable masks for anyone that needs one. No props will be provided to use unless client provides them for their own session. I will keep at least 6 foot distance between myself and clients per the Governors social distancing recommendations and

I will at no time have any physical contact with you or your family. 

My equipment can and will be able to accommodate and work within these distances.

Contracts, payment etc. will all be done online and/or through the mail at this time. Order pickup will be handled with safe social distancing measures as well at our home in Chippewa Lake. For a small additional fee you can conveniently ship your order straight to your home. For sessions booked on our property, our restroom will be unavailable to clients unless there is an emergency at this time. If you think your family will need somewhere with a restroom or a place to change I can suggest local parks as an alternative for your session. A hand washing/sanitizing  station will be available upon arrival outdoors (for sessions at our home) and accessible to any client throughout our session. 

I ask that if you or your family have had ANY Covid19 symptoms within the past 14 days of your session or been in contact with anyone showing symptoms that we PLEASE reschedule for everyone's safety. My equipment will be cleaned before and after our session and at this time I will only be booking ONE session per week as a precautionary measure. 

I understand everyone is welcome to have their own opinion of COVID19 and how they plan to protect their families. COVID19 has greatly effected two of our family members that we care very deeply for and we do not wish to see anyone else we love and care for experience this virus. Please understand as a Business I am expected to do my part to protect each of us and as a mom with a baby who generously invites clients families to shoot on our property it is THAT much more important to me to follow strict social distancing guidelines to protect my family, and yours.

Let's do our part together to slow the spread, safely. Thank you for your understanding and patience during this time as I try my best to accommodate.

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