RIP Murdock

A few short years ago I met a man in a very tragic part of his life. We met, the night his son "Kade
made the decision to take his own life. Upon discovering his sons body, "Murdock" was also found laying on  the floor next to his beloved family member.  Both desperately looking for "answers" in our lives, we almost instantly became very close friends. Years later, Murdock's age climbed and his health declined; quickly. My friend made the decision to put his health first and lay Murdock to rest but Murdock was the last living connection he had to his son who passed just a few years previous. So, laying Murdock to rest was a VERY emotional decision for all. In "Kade's" memory, I made arrangements to visit Murdock and kiss him goodbye the afternoon before his final resting. My friend was at work and had NO idea I'd made these arrangements with his girlfriend. I took a series of portraits of Murdock's last memories to capture what we all know as Kade's protector. More then anything, I hope my dear friend knows it means more to me that I was able to provide him with such an emotional, lasting memory of his beloved pet and son then anything I have EVER photographed. What an HONOR it was knowing that in that very moment, I was stopping time forever. 


Dear Craig, 

If you're reading this. You've changed my life forever. And doing this TINY act of kindness, I hope I can show you how much I appreciate you.


Dear Kade.

I know you're looking down on us and keeping us happy and safe. I will always protect and look after your daddy and you will forever be my angel brother. I hope you greeted Murdock into Heaven's gates with open arms and you felt home. 


RIP to the dog that changed lives; Murdock.