Marissa Martin, Portrait Photographer 


Hi there! I'm Marissa!

I am really bad at these, so here goes nothing. 

First and most importantly, my family is the ultimate motivation behind my dream.

A once 2 year old girl with a Playskool camera photographing her baby brother in his crib to a 30 year old woman who daydreams of her daughter falling in love with a camera the way she has. If my dad wasn't chasing me around with a camera, my mom was. And thanks to my grandparents owning businesses I grew up loving the idea of being your own boss, building your own dreams and investing in your own potential. One of the very first outfits I bought when I found out we were expecting was a black onesie with my Studio logo on it and a matching shirt for myself. (Cool credits to Icandi Graphics!) Yes, I'm that mom! Why you ask? Because I 100% believe in teaching my daughter to be a dreamer, a doer, a thinker from the very ripe age of birth. I am VERY blessed that my mom is retired, willing and able to watch our daughter during my sessions. But I have involved my daughter so much in my Business already that she's watched EVERY session I've booked since she was born. No tears, no naps, no fuss. She's literally sat on my moms lap, bright eyed and watched me. (Insert super sappy proud mom moment here..) She's rocked her cute little Studio onesie and if that's not enough of a motivation over your shoulder to be successful, I don't know what else could be. I want to teach my daughter from the very beginning that ANYTHING is possible if she's passionate and believes in herself and from the day she was born I made the decision to go full time with my Photography because if I want her to be successful someday, I have to show her how.

In May 2014 I opened my very first Photography Studio.  WHAT a life changing experience and accomplishment that was for me! 4 years from that date I made the second biggest decision of my career to prepare for our first child. We made the decision to temporarily close my Photography Studio so I could stay home and spend around the clock snuggle time with our daughter. I sobbed, as it was SUCH an emotional decision to make and walk away from but I couldn't be more appreciative and thankful to my lovely other half for allowing me the opportunity. If you were wondering, yes.. we do plan to open a second location in the future. But as you know, they're only little once and for SUCH a short period of time so stay tuned for Studio #2. I promise it'll be bigger and better then before! For now, I am able to still offer my clients the same fun on location sessions as before! And, I've added a second cool option; our home. This allows me to really set up cool themed outdoor sets personalized to your requests versus meeting at a park and spending so much time looking for spots, setting up props etc and losing quality shooting time. Ultimately, the location choice is yours, but please know we've opened our yard to sharing it with you for more set possibilities! 

When I'm not behind my camera, I can be found playing with our daughter and pets, spending quality time with my family, camping and riding our Rzr in the mountains, hiking, hunting, eating (haha!) or really anything outdoors. Yes, even with a baby!  Our family consists of my supportive other half Donnie, our daughter Faith, and our 3 dogs Buddy, Bella and Howard as well as our ever so nosey cat; Garfield. We have a houseful of wiggly tails and baby coos and my heart overflows being blessed enough to stay home and nurture our family alongside growing my Business. If we shoot here at our home you'll likely meet at least one of them as they LOVE new friends and belly scratches. And, more then likely Garfield will photobomb at least one of your images throughout our session together. He's been doing it since he was a kitten so it's only natural for him to keep up the tradition, right? *Please note* if anyone in your family has pet allergies, or prefers our pets stay inside during our session please let me know ahead of time so we can make arrangements. 

I am probably one of THEE most patient, understanding, loyal, and unconditionally loving people you'll ever meet. I am very, very proud to have that be the backbone of my Business.

I've been asked many times before about the name "Marissa Rosalie Photography." Beside the obvious, my first name; Rosalie is my middle name. Rosalie is my grandmothers first name and I opened my first Studio on the other side of the wall that she once owned a hair salon in before retiring with Cancer. It was a very personal goal of mine to open a Business how, when and where I did and it was a very sentimental location for me knowing it was such a familiar place to her. My grandparents taught me all of my bookkeeping, tax and general Business operations knowledge. My mom taught me my love for a camera, to never give up, my independence and stubbornness to pull it all off. My dad taught me to be self sufficient, innovative and also some of my love for Photography. It has been SO important to me to have my family alongside my Business and to cherish so many memories together along the journey by doing so. We named our daughter "Faith Rosalie" and I hope that she too will fall in love with a camera and learn to capture life both in her heart as well as behind a lens. Involving my daughter so early on in my Business is so very important to me. I am determined to teach her so many life lessons with my camera. If you would prefer my daughter not be present at our session together please let me know and I will respect your wishes. 

I sincerely look forward to getting to know you and your loved ones and I cannot wait to capture your family in it's truest form; candid and natural. I hope you'll drive home from your session in awe of the experience I left you with and you'll share your experience with your family and friends. Photography has always been a way for me to personally connect with people and to remind them of the magic they have within them in a form of memories your loved ones can cherish forever.. I can't wait to share with you the way I view life through my lens. 

With love, Marissa

Thank you for joining me on my journey.